Recomandare: When Should You Let an Employee Make a Mistake?

Un articol foarte interesat: Când să permiţi membrilor echipei să facă greşeli? 

Mi-a plăcut următorul comentariu: ” I recall an incident from my days as a young manager at a Japanese multinational company, many years ago. Due to an error in a decision made by a senior manager, the company had lost $25,000 worth of revenues. The manager, walked up to his boss, the director and muttered,” I guess you would like be to resign from my job?” The director, a white haired, wrinkly- faced man with years of experience in the company took one look at him and said,” Are you kidding? We just invested $25,000 in training you. How can we afford to let you go? Go back to your work and do not make this mistake again!””

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